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Welcome to Dezphonics

Dezphonics is a reading program that works. It was created by Geoff Porter, an award-winning teacher, to help his students improve their reading skills. Geoff created Dezphonics because he could not find any reading programs that actually worked for his students. He noticed that most programs taught vowel sounds and consonant clusters, but not how to decode. Decoding is the act of breaking words down through understanding the pronunciation building blocks of the English language. By understanding how to decode, readers can tackle new, unfamiliar words by themselves.

Geoff started using the program on his students, and instantly noticed a jump in their fluency and comprehension. The students who used Dezphonics improved their literacy 64% in one year, compared to an only 24% improvement for who did not use it. He soon shared his program with other teachers and they too have experienced similar success.

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